Hello and welcome to our Dublin Insight e-zine! – “Sláinte!“

When you are able to pronounce this correctly and your new vocabulary comprises of words like “grand“  or “craic“, you have definitely arrived in Ireland. But what does this actually mean? And what is it like to live in Ireland?

We are a team of international students from France, Japan and Germany with different academic backgrounds coming together to create this online magazine. Not only will you find great tips for a stay in this beautiful country; moreover, will we provide you with an insight into the life of a student at DCU and introduce you to some societies and establishments on campus. The DCU LanguaCulture Space and the Sports centre are vital for the student life at DCU. They are the first contact points for first years and international students where they can get in contact directly with others.

Our journey begins in the 1920s with a film review of the Great Gatsby and ends with a future outlook with a book review called  “The 100-Year Life – Living and Working in

an Age of Longevity”. In the meantime we will focus, as well, on the present situation in Ireland including topics that concern the society. Currently, politics is lively in Ireland. Will the Taoiseach (prime minister) resign, what consequences will follow for the government, what impact will it have on society? With this in mind, we are taking a look at the Garda whistleblower story, laying out the facts and discussing its role in society. As global citizens travelling the world, the election in the USA with Donald Trump being the 45th president has changed the world order and we are taking a closer look at the aftermath.

Explore, be passionate and use this wonderful chance to enrich your life, make new friends and get to know the fascinating Irish culture. During your stay, read interesting books and get inspired by the diverse selection of Clubs and Societies, especially if you do not have something similar at home. You will never forget this experience!

Louisa Haas


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