Restaurant Review: Asian restaurants

It is a fact that Asian restaurants are not limited to only Asian countries, and there is a large number of them expanding overseas. It is no exaggeration to say that I often see lots of Japanese and Chinese restaurants among leading Asian restaurants in Dublin, Ireland. Since there are many Asian restaurants in Ireland, which is more than 10,000km far away from Asia, international students from Asia can eat their home country food in Dublin. Well, in this article I would like to review Asian restaurants in the city center in Dublin.

“10 thousand”

The first thing I want to list up is an Asian buffet style restaurant named “10 thousand” on O’Connell Street. Students can get a deal for 8 euros, which is very a reasonable price. Moreover, this restaurant is attractive not only because of the rich number of main dishes, but also the ice cream offered there is incredibly delicious. The interior of the restaurant is quite clean and  they have friendly staff. Another thing I found remarkable is the location of this restaurant. From the bus stop to “10 thousand” it is less than 10 seconds. Additionally, you can see the bus timetable from the inside so that you can wait inside the restaurant without standing in the cold outside during winter.


The next one is a Japanese restaurant called “J2”. It is located just behind the GNIB building which is familiar to international students and it is about 10 minutes walk from O’Connell Street. The uniqueness of this restaurant is that everyone of the staff is Japanese. As soon as I step in the restaurant, I felt as if I was in my country. The inside of the restaurant is kept clean and friendly workers would welcome you. You can eat various kinds of dishes like sushi and so on. Almost every dishes is prices at less than 10 euros and it is very economically friendly. If you want to eat Japanese food, I absolutely recommend this place.


The last restaurant I can recommend is called YAMAMORI. It is very popular and famous in Dublin. You will see several of them in the city center but each restaurant’s atmosphere is different from others. For example, there is a YAMAMORI Noodle and YAMAMORI Bar. As far as I know, YAMAMORI spreads out throughout Dublin so that you can find them easily when strolling around the city.

Finally, I think that there is still a significant number of Asian restaurants that I have not discovered yet in Dublin. There is an abundant selection of different Asian restaurant. Why not visit them next time you are in the city center??

– Kai


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