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DCU is attractive due to the fact that there are a large number of international students and it is located near the city center,also that the DCU sports complex facilities are wonderful. Especially since I (as the writer of this article) am a rugby player, I can tell that it is the supreme environment for sports and exercise lovers. The DCU sports complex and recreational facilities are available to all students and can be accessed with a membership for less than 150 euros per year. Although it may sound quite expensive for students, it is absolutely worth paying.

Outdoor Facilities

Those multi-purpose facilities are offered to all DCU Gym members and non-members. These facilities contain 5-a-side pitches for outside sports: rugby, soccer, GAA and for other sports. The pitches are all made of astro turf, which can be used throughout the year, regardless of climate or season.

In addition, a 75m sprint track is available and it is possible to do sports (running) other than ball games.  These facilities can be easily by booking online.

Indoor Facilities

Indoor facilities provide all members with a variety of exercise possibilities. It is NO exaggeration to say that these are the fantasy of every athletes. You can use more than 100 aerobic exercise machines, state-of-the-art weight training machines and a number of abundant dumbbells. These will definitely enhance your muscle growth. The inside of the gym is very clean and because of the LED lights, your eyes will not get tired. Several large speakers play gym radio which . Moreover, there are TRXs which have become a pretty popular workout recently. In my opinion, I have exercised in a lot of different gyms, but I think that DCU’s gym is in a really, really wonderful!! I would 100% recommend it. Not only the gym, but there are also  more than 30 bikes set up in the studio and spinning classes are also held by the excellent DCU Sports Complex staff. Furthermore, it is also possible to play indoor ball sports such as basketball in a big sports hall. The sports hall is also used as a venue for the games during the weekend. Personally, I think the DCU Sports Complex is unique because members can use squash courts and do bouldering. For the purpose of relaxation, facilities such as a pool, a sauna and a jacuzzi are also provided. This is optimal for resting your tired body. All  facilities are open until 10:00 pm on weekdays and until 5:00 pm on weekends.

Finally, I think that it is definitely worth to have all these great facilities for a reasonable price. If you have an opportunity to come and study at DCU, I really recommend you to become a member and feel the spirit!!

Wanna play RUGBY ??

To begin with, what is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you think of Irish sports? If I ask Irish people, most of them  might mention national sports such as  Gaelic football, hurling in Gaelic Athletic Association. However, international students might have an idea of rugby. What do you think about ending your college life without taking part in any student societies. Why not join a society and club as you perhaps have a student life only once in your life? Therefore, I strongly recommend you to join the DCU rugby team. We practice twice a week and normally attend a match once a week. There are two nice coaches. Most of my teammates are Irish students who are very friendly and gentle athletes. Of course, international students can also participate. We sometimes go on an expedition for a match to Scotland or other cities, and make friends from other colleges through rugby. Besides  rugby, we go on a trip with all the members. Joining the rugby team not only is about playing rugby, but I could also learn something about the Irish youth culture through spending time with cool lads. Many of the players are not from Dublin, so I can also get to know other cultures in Ireland and it is very grand If you are interested, just join the team!!!

– Kai

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