Restaurant Review: Asian restaurants

It is a fact that Asian restaurants are not limited to only Asian countries, and there is a large number of them expanding overseas. It is no exaggeration to say that I often see lots of Japanese and Chinese restaurants among leading Asian restaurants in Dublin, Ireland. Since there are many Asian restaurants in Ireland,... Continue Reading →


Advertising: DCU Languaculture Space

The Most Global Place in DCU How many countries have you ever visited? You may have visited France, Germany, Italy, Britain, the United States, China, or Japan… When you want to visit all of these countries, you will be broken! However, there is a place in DCU where you can feel as if you were... Continue Reading →

Film Review: The Great Gatsby

The name of a film that I would like to write a review about today is “The Great Gatsby”. The director is Baz Luhrmann and this movie was made in 2013. The original literature is one of the most famous novels in the history of American literature, and it is also known well to people... Continue Reading →

Irish Crafts – Claddagh Ring

Did you know that the Irish traditional ring is called a Claddagh ring? The shape of this ring is composed with a heart wearing on a crown and hands surround the heart. This impressive form has been attracting people ever since they first encounter. As well, celebrities all over the world pay attention to the... Continue Reading →

Dublin City University – Sport

ABOUT DCU SPORT DCU is attractive due to the fact that there are a large number of international students and it is located near the city center,also that the DCU sports complex facilities are wonderful. Especially since I (as the writer of this article) am a rugby player, I can tell that it is the... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Galette

Galettes are a sort of salty crêpes, you can eat them for lunch or dinner with eggs, ham and cheese. Pancake day is over but it’s never too late to learn how to cook this iconic and very easy French recipe. Ingredients: 2 cups of buckwheat flour 1 L of water 10g of salt Honey... Continue Reading →

Irish Culture

Have you already completed Dublin sightseeing? Did you go to the temple bar area, Trinity College and Guiness store? They are really unique, original and worth visiting, but you cannot say you could know fully about Dublin by visiting such famous places. As you know, to get more familiar with the country, you should not... Continue Reading →

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